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Sunday, June 07, 2009

On Hiatus

Yep, after thrashing it out and not reaching a resolution, the Ratzaz Diaries is on hiatus at this time.  Due to intensive, extensive and accelerated personal renovation, I find that the things I want to express, at this time, are probably not something that most readers of this blog want to hear.  And I really have no intention to just come on to intentionally offend people, at least not anymore.  

A lot of you noticed a change in the contents of this blog, beginning last fall.  I thank my last few years of earnest Zen practice for bringing me to a new perception of things.  The things I perceive are not particulary Buddhist.  So I have a real Catch 22 here.  And I've learned that there really are evil entities out there, human ones, and you have to watch what you say.

Of course I do feel continue to feel the urge to express myself.  At past times, in these Diaries, I was quite taken in by, well, the things we have all been taken in by (although not the demon of Grammar, apparently).  I feel the urge to correct my mistakes, but it would seem simply mean to build an audience of people who think a certain way, and then tell them they are wrong, and that I was wrong.  I may be developing a new blog, or perhaps even a full-blown website.  Then again, I could change my mind tomorrow and post here.

 I want to thank all of you who've been supportive or at least  interactive for the last three and a half years on this blog.  Continue to try to open your eyes.  Don't believe anything anyone tells you, especially me.  Find a path with heart.