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Monday, January 30, 2006

Stop Wasting Your Time!

This silliness has got to stop! Everytime I turn on NPR or any other of the few news sources I consider sane these days, I hear more about Alito. Kerry is going to fillibuster to stop Alito. Alito must be stopped. Alito this. Alito that. Let me tell you something: Samuel Alito is going to be confirmed. First, although the man's politics are reprehensible, politics are not the criterion which is supposed to be used in a confirmation hearing. So even if the Senate was all Democrats, Alito probably should be confirmed. The man is qualified under any standards to which properly can be held in this proceeding. Yes, he is part of the legacy of the early 80's, and if you didn't want something this right-wing on the Supreme Court, you shouldn't have voted for Reagan, etc. But at this turning point in our history, for the Democrats or anyone truly interesting in trying to stop the Christian Reich from cementing its foundations and completing its annihilation of the American democracy, to be wasting its time on trying to oppose the inevitable confirmation of an undesirable but unstoppable Supreme Court Justice is... well, lame.

Look around you, dammit, look look LOOK! The new version of the "Patriot Act" authorizes a uniformed federal police force. The President has asserted that he is above the law and that Congress cannot regulate him. If things go on as they are, the Supreme Court will be irrelevant by the time of the next Presidential election. So will the Legislature. Look at your Constitution. Look at your history. The Supreme Court and the Legislature can act only through the Executive. They have no guns. They have no soldiers. They have no cops. When Bush asserts that he is not subject to the restrictions imposed by the Legislature, why should he be subject to the restrictions of the Court? You are one step away from martial law, people, one step away, can't you see?

I am sick and disgusted with the Democratic Party; they either have been co-opted or cowed or just have not done their job in opposing the end of the American Democracy. We are at the turning point analgous to that at which the Roman Republic came under the rule of Caesar and was destroyed. They have jumped, like seals after kipper, after one more red herring. How could the Democrats ever win when they let the Republicans pick all the issues and control the agenda? They have been doing it to you for years, people. Abortion should not be a political issue; it is a decision between a woman and her doctor, just like the right to die. Gay marriage is not a political issue, it is a decision made between consenting adults. Yet by letting the Republicans and the Reich control the ball for so many years, so that all the Democrats and the so-called Leftists can do is scurry after it, the American people have allowed themselves to be distracted, again and again and continuously, from the real issue. The real issue is the destruction of 230 years of American democracy by totalitarians, by fear and intimidation and lies.

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." [source: BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, Pennsylvania Assembly: Reply to the Governor, November 11, 1755.—The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, ed. Leonard W. Labaree, vol. 6, p. 242 (1963).]

You've let yourselves be scared, people. You still don't know the truth about September 11, 2001. You still don't know why those buildings came down. You still don't know how many people died in New Orleans because Bush's butt buddy who headed up FEMA was less qualified than the manager at your local Wal-Mart, and nobody else gave a shit. What's so sad is that the Democrats were just as stupid and intimidated as everyone else. Why did everyone go along with the "Weapons of Mass Destruction" lies? Couldn't they see through that. I could. Couldn't you? So why couldn't your representatives?

The only excuse I can think of is that the Congress, like the American people, had never been lied to so bald-facedly before. Just like the leaders of Europe and the World, who had been used to relying on the American President to be at least honest at times of crisis, we -- they, I'm not going down on this one -- were buffaloed by history and tradition. No more! I can't imagine the leaders of other nations (real nations) blindly following the U.S. into war again any time soon, and that may be a good thing. Will we be so blind again as a people?

So stop wasting your time. Forget Alito. Forget Roe vs. Wade. Forget gay rights. You'll have time to address all those issues later, assuming you can preserve the forum in which the argument must take place. Forget everything except preserving your Republic. Don't make the deaths of those who died in WWII and America's real wars of defense meaningless. Don't let your children volunteer to commit murder and torture in foreign lands. Don't insult the memories and the legacies of everyone who ever fought for American freedom.

If you were duped and voted for these fascists, admit it. A lot of other people were, too. Just do the next right thing, now. Stand up for your rights and for humanity, before Bush and his puppetmasters lead you into a new dark age from which a project like the American Republic may not emerge for a thousand years; these people are close to accomplishing what Hitler only dreamed of, because they have refined the tools and techniques.

Please, stop Bush now. Swallow your pride. Focus on the main issue; save our nation now, before it's too late.

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