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Friday, July 21, 2006

911 Eyewitness

Since I started this blog last October, I've never yet posted anyone else's work here, since it's all about my own opinions and perceptions. However, tonight I ran across this excellent film, and I think it's important that everyone see it. It's called "911 Eyewitness."

The one thing that was immediately apparent to me when I watched the World Trade towers come down, live, almost five years ago, was that they weren't collapsing as a result of the impact from the planes. I'm a liberal arts, not a math, person, but I took physics in high school. It was especially obvious when one of the towers blew sideways, then straightened up and fell straight down.

This film is an hour and forty-five minutes long, so you can't skim it the way you could one of my blog entries. But if you watch it and understand the principles involved, you'll at least understand that the Towers came down as a part of a controlled demolition. I thought that was pretty obvious when I saw it the first time, but like a lot of people, I listened to the spin put out by the government through the media, and I let myself be deceived. Then I learned that this was the issue Hunter Thompson was working on when he died, and I saw some of the footage included in this film.

If you didn't already know, after you watch this you should what understand what happened when the buildings fell. I don't pretend at this point to know why. The most innocuous supposition would be that the government made a rational response to control the damage, and decided to sacrifice the lives of the people remaining in the buildings to avoid larger disaster if the buildings were allowed to fall naturally. However, after reviewing the physics involved, it appears that the buildings would not have fallen at all. So I don't know. I don't have information available to me to know why we were lied to like this. I just know that we were.

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