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Monday, August 14, 2006

OK, Here's That Poster

Posted by Picasa Hey, guys, this is the poster I wanted to include with the blog entry entitled, Fear, etc., below. I have no idea why Blogger's photo upload feature stopped working all of a sudden; in fact, apparently they don't either, or they don't care, or are just plain stupid.

Thanks to Dennis at warpspasm for suggesting this (picasa2). Anyway, go rent or buy this movie. Then talk to me.

1 comment:

paulette said...

Gabe and I rented this movie and it was great. One of our all time favorites, along with I (heart) huckabees.We've been stealing the posters out of the film rental places and would love to have the whole collection. Hard to believe that certain modern political figures are not directly implicated. Really sad about the ending though because I was hoping for a sequel.