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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Puffy - "Oriental Diamond"

I was all bummed out, then I found this video on Brad Warner's Hardcore Zen blog. Stole it straight off there, as a matter of fact. If this doesn't make you happy, there's something wrong with you!

In the wake of the huge success of the Buddhist Festival, the group I sit with, the Nashville Zen Center, seems to be a dead sangha walking. People come to sit on Saturdays, but won't affiliate with a good teacher and continue to seek one bad one after another, or insist that they can practice Zen Buddhism without a teacher. And actually going to sesshin is out of the question. Ah, well. I am tired of trying to push a rope.

It's good to know that when life gets you down, there are cute Japanese girls dressed as ... what?

Hey, are these Fuzzies?

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