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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Black Lagoon

In my continuing effort to introduce those of you who haven't already figured it out, to anime, I present: Black Lagoon.

I just finished watching the last four episodes of Season I; I'd been waiting for about six months for the third and final disc to arrive from Netflix, finally gave up and bought the set, and it was worth every penny. This one is the story of a young Japanese salaryman who is kidnapped by Southeast Asian pirates and goes all Patty Hearst on his company (which betrays him, as employers will). It's an action series with some great characters, the best reason to watch of which is Revy, the Chinese-American two-handed gunner who's the real "muscle" of the outfit. This series doesn't hold back on the seedy realism, the language, the bars or the brothels of Asia, and the graphics are beautiful. See for yourself. I put up the video with the English lyrics overdub; the lyrics, in some Japanese writer's version of English, are all the more chilling because of the language problem.

The theme song, by the way, is by a Japanese artist called MEL, and you can find the video on the special features disc that comes with the set.

So, if your kind of anti-heroine is a fugitive from the NYC cops, smokes and drinks like a sailor (which she is, I guess) and moonlights for both the CIA and the Asian gang lords, this series is for you.

We all have to find inspiration where we can.

Now back to watching Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society for the millionth time...

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