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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Black Sun Rise

Sorry for the long silence, again.  I've been meditating, studying, researching... and working.

I've been continuing my study of Sanskrit (slow but satisfying), and pursuing the essence of the symbols, people and forces that intrigue me, that pull me directly by the gut.  I've been fascinated by the languages, myths, and truths of India, and of the forces other than human that mold and constitute our "world".  I find that whereas once I read book and studied systems of training and knowledge to find some answer, some solution, now I am looking for language to express what I have seen and what I know to be true.  Many of the most powerful symbols known to man have been misused, denigrated, and then ban.  Witness the swastika, one of man's oldest solar designations, known as widely as the American Indians and still found in Hinduism and Buddhism, and whose powerful presence drew the intuitive knowledge of the turn-of-the-last century Germanic mystics like Guido von List and Karl Maria Villegut.  These men had their spiritual fingers on a deep arising of the true spirit of many peoples, behind and Above many peoples, if they never succeeded in devising the complete systems they envisioned (yet, read aloud the powerful hymns, in mixed German and language unknown, in Willegut's writings, and they will move your "soul", if you have one).  The swastika, taken as a symbol for peace by many including the British military early in the 20th century, became in Hitler's Reich a symbol for German nationalism, which it was never meant to be - and then after Germany's defeat, under the aegis of the Allies and their hidden masters, it became reviled as a symbol of evil, which is never was, never is....

But the symbol which draws me more, and which I wear every day, is the Black Sun.  The Black Sun is a pattern, a design which drew me from the first sight and mention of it, in whatever obsure text.  Its true origin is unknown, obscured by time and man; the best known current incarnation of it was on the embedded on the floor of the Wewelsburg castle which was the headquarters of Himmler's SS (and Himmler was among other things a student of the Germanic teachers, despite where his openness to "lower" powers led him, apparently).  Seeking the emblem's sources, one is led to theories of a physical dead sun which is or was part of our solar system, or a sun inside the earth in unlikely meanderings... or perhaps the concept of a black hole, which could not be voiced in the astronomy of earlier times.  The design itself seems to be a twelve reversals of the Sig or Sowilo Rune, itself a solar symbol in the Armanic and Older Futharks.  But whatever its origin, it is a powerful symbol of a presence abiding in me and in the universe.

When I was young and quite dedicated, in a fairly unconscious way, to my current explorations, I find myself, having abandoned my first (pre-Zen) form of Buddhist practice, drawn to a moving meditation based on action - years before encountering the Bhagavad Gita, or the teachings of Gudo Nishijima of Zen as action.  As my body became more purified (a state I wish I could regain, in my middle age!) I envisioned in the core of my Self a Black Diamond - and even voiced to myself, if no one else, the understanding that was I was practicing was the Black Diamond Sutra, which had no words, but consisted of the constant polishing of a that gem within myself, which shone with a nocturnal luminance.  More like a black light, if you want an image, in the shape of a diamond, yet hard.

The black diamond was lost to me for a time, but resurrected in my last movements.  After leaving formal Zen, I took up for a bit over a year, the Nine Doors meditation formulated by Edred Thorsson as part of the Rune Gild teachings.  Those teachings, which appear to borrow in large part from Franz Bardon's excellent (if badly translated) works, brought a depth of visualization, of learning to perceive, inculcate and channel flow of energy ever-present but invisible to waking eyes, to my meditation process, already formatted by my years of Zen practice.  And the Black Diamond began to re-emerge, and softened now, opened.  Thus I perceived the Black Sun, which I was able to recognize when I read of it and saw its emblems.

And yet, in my search for language, for concept accessible to opened human minds, I could find little.  Luckily I encountered a Tantric exercise described by Julius Evola in The Yoga of Power, a book which contains many other delights and which still draws me on.  He describes therein a nocturnal sun, which rotates unseen in our world, though not the material one as we know it.  First, let me mention another teaching of Tantra which I have also encountered elsewhere; the concept that man, when open to them, has four primary states of awareness, usually described as the waking state, the dream state, and the state of deep sleep - and a state called turiya, of a higher awareness that encompasses the crowns the others.  this system never made a lot of sense to me.  The waking state was obvious, and it was also clear that in the dream state and especially in deep sleep, repairs were done by autonomous and autonomic processes in my body and mind.  But how could the muddled images of the dream be a higher awareness, let alone the delta-wave state of deep sleep?  It seemed to me that as one moves through these states, consciousness itself was degrading, not purifying.  Although of course I have long been aware that dreams can hold much significance, outside the neurotic drivel of the Freudians and most analysis.  I should add that sleep has not come easily for me for a long time, and contrary to what one is taught of sleep's cycles, I normally seem to be dreaming every time I awake, although most often the contents of the dream are soon lost if I don't make an effort to retain them (and sometimes when I do).

The Tantric practice which Evola describes consist of envisioning, as one is drifting off - in the stage between wakefulness and sleep - a nocturnal sun, which arises in the east and parallels the course of the daytime Sun, while it is down.  Envision this, devote oneself to its observation, and form the intent to maintain awareness of it while sleeping. When waking in the morning, observe this sun again, and form the intent to maintain awareness of it during the day, while it is invisible (on the other side of the "earth") but still present.  The teaching of this?  The dream state and the state of deep sleep are state of lowered consciousness for normal man, whose filtered perceptions are not capable of handing the higher states to which these states are doorways.  By maintaining awareness of the nocturnal sun - which I imagine as white disk, like a purified moon, though quite distinct and separate from that lesser entity - one is able to open the doors between the higher states and the residual consciousness during sleep.

What I did immediately become aware of (hang me for a dangling participle!) was that I slept deeply, for almost twelve hours, on the first night of attempting this practice.  And that the nocturnal sun became clear to me, and can be maintained during the day.  Surely the linking of this to the Black Sun, the teaching of which are so elusive, are clear now.  And now... the resonance of the Black Sun within to the bright but invisible sun without? That is the synthesis I'm working on now.

But find your symbols where you may - I don't know if my symbols are yours, or ever could be, though some appear to be universal, across cultures to the initiate - but rest assured that there are forces in this universe much more powerful than the mind of man, which threatens to destroy all.  The religion of the worship of man is the "sin" of our Age of Iron, our Kali Yuga, which though it leads to eventual rebirth of the Universe (but not in the chronological sense!) is going to be anything but pleasant for those who cling to the Earth's "surface".  And is my job, our job, whoever "we" are, to persist, to know, to live in or move from...?

Black Sun Rise, indeed!


Donar Van Holland said...

Your blog is very interesting to me! I have made a journey from New Age to Catholicism to Zen (I even got the Bodhisattva ordination in my group, the AZI of Taisen Deshimaru, and to Taoism (Healing Tao, Mantak Chia,, before suddenly being gripped by my Germanic heritage through the Runes. Hinduism seems too foreign to me, even though I appreciate the Vedic heritage very much for the light it shines on the Germanics.

I also find the religious practices of my current Germanic heathen group inspiring but without much attention to inner development. This is probably also due to a lack of data. Therefore, I have continued my Zen practice, though without the Buddhist context. In my search I have mainly studied writings about the LHP, Chaos Magick, of Julius Evola, and of the Temple of Set. I found "Black Magic" by Michael Aquino quite convincing in its quest for an isolate intelligence, separate from nature, that they call Set. And that this intelligence inspires the development of an isolate intelligence in an individual. Still, the Temple of Set did not seem my way. Your blog reminded my of the exisitence of the Rune Gild, and this seems far more attractive to me. I suppose it brings much of the knowledge of the Temple of Set, but in a Germanic context. I have already for a lomg time appreciated the works of some of the artists associated with the Gild, such as Ian Read and Annabel Lee.

As far as the Black Sun is concerned, could this not be the intelligence the T.O.S. calls Satan, Set, Odin, Wodan, Gaut? A dark/invisible intelligence that influences our development? I am reminded of the gripping essay by Edred Thorsson about "The Secret of the Gothick God of Darkness". And also that for the Germanics the dark was both the place of the dead and of fertility. The year started at the new moon of Midwinter. Ginnungagap, the Chaos of Chaos Magick, infinity, Dionysos versus Apollo are some other associations. The Gothick sensibility that always retains a memory of the fertile dark, even in the bright sun, rather like the black point in the white half of the Yin-Yang symbol. An intelligence that is honoured and contacted by extinguishing the lights instead of lighting them.

I would be very interested to know how your development continues! What is your opinion on Dark Zen ( My next step will probably be the Rune Gild. All the best!

Kalki Weisthor said...

I was/am a member of the Rune Gild; I was at the last Gild Moot and there were some really shady things going on, so while I respect Thorsson's writings, I no longer am active in it. The Cycles and Hope entry on this blog from Nov. 2011 was about that experience. As to Dark Zen, I was once quite attracted to the concept if not the writings; at any rate my interests have drifted a bit from the Left Hand path, and personal empowerment is not really of that much interest to me; what I am feeling after my German exploration is a need to do what I can to help save our people, as much from themselves as anything else. I just really want to master the damned language first!

Donar Van Holland said...

Thankfully, I learned German in high school! As for helping our people, I am active in several nationalist groups, but I also try to use Magick to influence people. I thought that maybe the Rune Gild could be of help in this too.