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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hey, about Christianity

In my first post, I noted that Christians might be offended by this blog. That still might be the case, and honestly I have to admit that offending Christians is not something that bothers me, because Christians offend me every day. Now, if you want to believe that human beings erupted into existence out of dust three thousand years ago because a big guy in a white beard got bored or lonely, that's your right. And if you want to believe that what is right or wrong for you to do in your own life is determined by something written thousands of years ago in a book intended for a particular sect of desert dwellers, independently of your present circumstance or awareness, fine, as long as you don't try to inflict that decision on me. You can live your life however you want.

But we live in a world poised on the outbreak of the next Plague, and you want to stop teaching science in the schools, and tell the next generation of potential doctors and scientists that evolution is a theory. Do you know that know that no one can begin to understand how a disease evolves without the basic theory of evolution? Do you want the people upon whom the lives of your children -- who are many because you won't stop having them or take the basic steps to safeguard the world from your lust -- depend, to be working on solving the problem of disease and plague, or to be huddled in the corner mumbling and praying to a "higher authority" to save themselves from the results of their own irresponsibility? When I was younger and more naive, this would have been a no-brainer, but now this country is run by no-brainers.

A good friend of mine who happens to be Christian, apparently, reminded me of the Zen-Catholic link through Thomas Merton. I have no problem with that; anyone whose spiritual search has led them to that level of awareness is on a path from which I would never dissuade them. Having devoted most of my life to the basic problem of, what the hell is this? -- I understand those of you who promote the Unity of all religions. I understand and respect your conclusion that there is one God who is beyond all name and definition, whose works are not contradicted by science or the logical observations of modern man. These Christians are not the ones satirized by by web link to Landover Baptist. A lifetime of contemplation is not bad.

However, to these sincere people whom I respect, I ask, if you are one with God, why do you externalize the God you worship? Is he not yourself? And having come to this realization, can you not accept that the concept of God is superfluous? If you and God are not the same, you are practicing a lower, superstitious version of your religion. If you are the same, what do you need God for? Is He not an impediment, a false wall between yourself and the present moment?

I am going to try to stop ranting against Christians, mostly because if you are still There, you are not willing to accept responsibility for your own actions, etc. -- mostly, you are going to miss the point of what I say here. Again, you can live your life in delusion, that is your right. Christianity is better for you than crack, so whatever gets you through the night. But just realize that's your drug of choice.

Personally, I have come to the conclusion that living is something I have to do right here, right now. My whole job right now is to live my life, one measureless moment at a time.


Rockerz said...
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Emily Santiago said...
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awmyhr said...

Wow. I fully agree. I don't have time to do it right now, but I think I'll make some time in the near future to read all your posts. Thank You.