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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Intro to this blog - THIS MAY NOT BE FOR YOU.

I finally decided to quit just reading other people's blogs and post my own. I do occasionally post and appear in multiple places on the internet; when I post in the Zen rooms, I try to be somewhat politely Zen. When I am hosting something I try to be polite, neutral, etc., although I can rarely help being something of a smartass.

This is different. If you are a Christian, a right-winger, an illiterate, a redneck or a child, THIS MAY NOT BE FOR YOU.

All day long most days I am surrounded by idiots and have no one to talk to but idiots. I spend as much time as possible in the company of people who have actually undertaken to learn and understand something about their world, but that time is the minority. So I am not going to pander here to anyone's lack of understanding; simple ignorance is excusable and forgivable, as well as curable, but if you are an adult and you have never even begun to try to think things out for yourself, or to investigate or step out of the box, there is something seriously wrong with you. You are deficient. If you believe in Santa Claus for adults and that is the way you reconcile the wretched nature of your own existence, perhaps you should realize that you have been spoon-fed comfortable lies by everyone beginning with your parents, perhaps because they didn't know any better. It is in the interest of the entities who control your world today to keep you as the sheep you are.

WAKE UP! Your life today, right here and at this moment is all you have. Take off the blinders; throw away your dope, your pills and powders, your idiot religions and totalitarian indoctrination We live in a society which becomes less literate, less educated and intelligent every day. We are racing towards a new Dark Age. Your President is not the cause, he is a symptom. The society that would inculcate, manifest and empower such an obviously shallow parody of a leader was diseased long before he appeared. He is as much of a victim as the rest of us.

Victim of what? Ignorance! Self-perpetuating, self-aggrandizing ignorance. Evil is not the problem; it doesn't even exist, it's just a label for things different from you. Greed is a natural animal characteristic. Ignorance is the whole problem, the only problem there is. Most of the people I encounter are not only stupid, but aggressively stupid -- they want you to be stupid too, and they are hurt and pissed-off and aggressive if you are not.

So this blog is for me to vent steam. It may piss you off. You may choose not to read it. As Jethro Tull said, "I may make you feel, but I can't make you think."

So if you want to think, you need to find out how to do that on your own. If you want my help I'll give it to you, but you have to be willing to listen.

But isn't it about time?

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