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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

More Edie: A Short Film

I regret that when I did my prior blog post on Edie Sedgwick, I didn't give you a glimpse of her personal presence except by description, and I just stumbled across this on YouTube. This short film features a montage of stills and video set to a recording of Edie speaking, recalling her life during her short two years of fame. She indicates that she was 27 at the time she speaks, so her life was just about over. Remember when you listen that she sounds soggy because she was heavily sedated, in the name of what passed for medical practice in the late '60's and early '70's, which was just as barbaric as today's equivalent.

Despite all that, Edie seems to have matured into a very healthy personality by the end of her short days; perhaps she always was. Who are we to say? That someone can have the perspective she had by the end of her life, despite the fact that that life was little other than abuse of one kind or another, despite having been a shining star -- there's a lesson there for you whiners and moaners. Seize the day!

There's a bunch more of this stuff at; check it out!

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“Anything I can go through I can grow through.” said...

Seize the day, indeed! It is good to hear you make use of carpe diem, Bob. That makes me happy!

Yet another good post. They don't have to be long to be good. You will recall my lifting and then sharing with others that one paragraph out of yours last time. You are a gifted writer.