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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Okay, I put this on as a teaser overnight the other day and took it off because I thought (knew) it would offend people. But I keep pulling this video up on YouTube and watching it, so I'm gonna prepare myself for the hate mail and post; it's just too good.

No, I haven't gone insane. Friends, I wish the world was big enough, and was going to last long enough, for all of its independent cultures and sub-cultures to last forever. I really do. The Libertarian ideal is just that. But there just ain't enough room! Such is idealism. .

So. I think this is a really beautiful video and song. So yes, I don't like it that the culture that made this country is about to become a minority, within it. I remember when the world was big enough for every culture to have its own space. They deserve it, and so does mine. And if I hear one more rap or hip-hop song, I'm gonna puke, or worse.

Yes, this is beautiful. And there will be more, on this theme. So if you want to be taken off my list, just let me know. I understand.


Anonymous said...

Based on the email one of your commentors sent that came to my personal email account, I guess they don't believe in allowing you to express your ideas in your own blog. I agreed with the video even though I wish it wasn't the way things seem to be headed. What is wrong with being proud of your culture? Seems like everyone can be proud of their culture except for white folks and you know I am growing more and more tired of it. Bob I don't agree with much of what you say but sometimes you really say something that makes me sit back and think about how I look at things. Just because I don't agree with some of your ideas doesn't mean that I have to remove myself from your list. When people wall themselves off like that is it because they are afraid of not being able to do their own thinking and that somehow reading your thoughts is going to control their minds? Anyway keep me on your list and keep those sometimes crazy:) ideas coming.

Anonymous said...

Is it some way possible to get in touch with her (Saga), and fuck her brains out?!

Kozan Bob said...

Debbie, I love you!

Anonymous #2, I wish!